Short films 2018/2017

Number of results: 8

Chuchotage (Susotázs)

(2018, short, HD, color, 16 minutes)
drama, comedy, short film

Forty Years (Negyven év)

(2018, short, HD, 16 minutes)
short film

Next Wednesday (Jövő szerdán )

(2018, short, HD, 13 minutes)

Invisibly (Láthatatlanul)

(2017, short, HD, color, 32 minutes)
drama, short film

Last Call (Utolsó hívás)

(2017, short, color, 27 minutes)
drama, short film

Operation Stone (Van egy határ)

(2017, short, 18 minutes)

Siege (Ostrom)

(2017, short, 22 minutes)

Wellness (Wellness)

(2017, short, color, 16 minutes)
short film, drama

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