Festival catalogue 2018/2017

Number of results: 29

A Kind of America 3. (Valami Amerika 3.)

(2018, feature, color, 103 minutes, DolbyDigital)
comedy, feature

Blossom Valley (Virágvölgy)

(2018, feature, color, 83 minutes)

Forty Years (Negyven év)

(2018, short, HD, 16 minutes)
short film

Genesis (Genezis)

(2018, feature, digital, color, 120 minutes)
drama, feature

Lajko - Gypsy in Space (Lajkó - Cigány az űrben)

(2018, feature, HD, color, 90 minutes)

Let the Dragon Out (Let the Dragon Out)

(2018, documentary, HD, color, 74 minutes, Stereo)

Next Wednesday (Jövő szerdán )

(2018, short, HD, 13 minutes)

Not Yet (Még nem )

(2018, animation, HD, 11 minutes)

Sinister Shadow (A rossz árnyék)

(2018, feature, color, 94 minutes, DolbyDigital)

Take Me Please (Take Me Please)

(2018, animation, HD, 14 minutes)

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