Festival catalogue 2017/2016

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Manhood (Férfikor)

(2017, feature, black & white , 79 minutes)

Off Season (Szezon után)

(2017, animation, 10 minutes)

Operation Stone (Van egy határ)

(2017, short, 18 minutes)

Pappa pia (Pappa pia)

(2017, feature, color)
musical, comedy, romantic comedy, romance, feature

Take Me Please (Take Me Please)

(2017, animation, HD, 14 minutes)

The Citizen (Az állampolgár)

(2017, feature, digital, color, 109 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbyDigital)

The Legend of King Solomon (Salamon király kalandjai)

(2017, animation, color, 80 minutes, DolbyDigital)
family film, youth, adventure, animated, feature, coming-of-age

The Perfect Murderer (A tökéletes gyilkos)

(2017, feature, digital, color, 99 minutes)

The Whiskey Bandit (A Viszkis)

(2017, feature, color, 126 minutes)

Volcano Island (Vulkánsziget)

(2017, animation, color, 9 minutes)

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