06 June 2018

The Last Bus awarded at Transilvania Pitch Stop

The co-prod platform of the 17th Transilvania IFF, Transilvania Pitch Stop awarded The Last Bus. The debut feature project by Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz, developed in the frame of HNFF Incubator Program, discusses the subject of sexual abuse.

The Transilvania Pitch Stop jury was composed by Uldis Dimiševskis, deputy director of the National Film Centre of Latvia, Čedomir Kolar, producer at A.S.A.P. Films (France), and Nadia Turincev, producer at Rouge International (France).

The Post-production Services Award offered by Chainsaw Europe and worth €25,000 was handed to The Last Bus, directed by first time filmmaker duo Nándor Lőrincz and Bálint Nagy, and produced by Gábor Kovács (FilmPartners Ltd) and Mónika Mécs (MM Films). Based on a real-life event, the film’s storyline adopts an unusual point of view, as it follows a sexual assault investigation as seen through the eyes of the victim’s husband. This will cause a series of disturbing and unexpected details to emerge. Dénes and Nóra have spent years trying to adopt a baby, and now they are fi nally given the chance to become parents to an orphan. But one night Nóra is sexually abused by a stranger. The police cannot do anything as she is the only witness to the crime, and there is no further evidence to support her case. The couple faces the culture of victim-blaming, which also breaks the trust in their marriage. The directors have a personal connection to the topic, as a mutual friend of theirs has been through similar tribulations. They said that in their fi lm, however, violence itself will not be the focal point, but rather the way in which the couple’s immediate environment and the justice sector reacts to what happened.

The Last Bus is one of the five debut feature projects have been given the chance to be produced in the frame of 3rd Incubator Program.