Jupiter's Moon

The location of Kornél Mundruczó’s seventh feature film is the Europe of tomorrow. The story is about a 17-yearold boy, Ariel, who attempts to illegally cross the border into Hungary. Unfortunately, his endeavours to escape are unsuccessful. Ariel is hit by the bullet of a police officer. As a result of his wound, the boy is endowed with a unique ability: to levitate – just like an angel. The following day at the refugee camp, a disillusioned, cynical doctor, Stern, examines the boy. Upon realising his ability, Stern decides to smuggle the refugee out of the secured camp in order to exploit this gift to his own advantage. In the meantime, however, the camp’s director is on their trail. Henceforth, Stern and the boy become fugitives from justice. As they move from place to place, Stern introduces the boy to various individuals, hoping to reap significant profits. But Ariel’s ultimate emblem of freedom – his ability to fly – makes him a slave in a world where miracles can be exchanged for small change. Stern quickly realises that his own selfishness has made him forget the real reason he became a doctor in the first place: to help fellow human beings. From this point on, all he wants is to save the boy from the grip of the law. Though he, too, becomes an outlaw, the boy restores in him the most important lost treasure: his faith.

JUPITER'S MOON (Jupiter holdja)

Director: Kornél Mundruczó

Cast: Zsombor Jéger, György Cserhalmi, Móni Balsai

Producers Viktória Petrányi

Production company: Proton Cinema & The Match Factory, Filmpartners

Festival/sales: The Match Factory:

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