01 October 2018

Premiere: His Master’s Voice in competition at Tokyo IFF

György Pálfi’s new film will have its world premiere at the 31th Tokyo International Film Festival. The glamorous A category showcase starts on 25 October. Pálfi and Csaba Polgár leading actor will attend His Master’s Voice premiere on 31 October.

The director of HukkleTaxiderma and Free Fall, György Pálfi is coming back with a new movie, His Master’s Voice at 2018. The Stanislaw Lem cult novel adaptation will world premier at the prestigious 31th Tokyo International Film Festival competing for the Tokyo Grand Prix.

His Master’s Voice

The main character, Péter, is in his late thirties when he thinks he recognizes his father in a documentary on a mysterious accident. His father has deserted from Communist Hungary in the 70s, a criminal offense under that regime, and has not been heard of since.  Péter travels to America and, after an eventful investigation, finds his father and his new family. The reunion brings plenty of experiences and teaches several lessons to both son and father. Also, as a consequence, the world is informed that the mute universe has spoken and that we are not alone. This is the story of the film in a nutshell.

“I aimed to share an adventure with the viewers where premonitions are at least as important as facts, and logic and intuition have equal shares in finding out the truth. Much like quantum mechanics as opposed to digital systems: simultaneous measurement instead of 1 and 0.” – commented Pálfi who wrote the script together with Zsófi Ruttkay and Gergő V. Nagy.

His Master's Voice

György Pálfi was born in Budapest in 1974. He joined the Hungarian University of Drama, Film and Television in 1995. There, he directed several short films. Hukkle (2002), his first feature was invited to more than 100 international film festivals worldwide and won several recognitions including EFA's European Discovery 2002 - Fassbinder Award. Taxidermia (2006), his second feature premiered at Cannes UCR, was awarded the Main Prize, Best Supporting Actress and Actor, Best Art Director, Student Jury's Main Prize and the Gene Moskowitz Prize at the Hungarian Film Week in Budapest. His collage film Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen (2012) was premiered at Cannes Classics. György Pálfi’ Free Fall (2014) won three major awards - Best Director Award, Special Jury Prize and Label Europe Cinemas Award - at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2014.

His Master’s Voice cast includes Csaba Polgár (Péter), Peterson Eric (Horgarth) and Diána Kiss (Dóra). The sci-fi drama was edited by Réka Lemhényi, and produced by Ferenc Pusztai with Micheal A. Dobbin, Charles V. Bender, and Emilié Blézat. Ábris Gryllus composed the music. His Master’s Voice was produced by KHM Film Budapest) in coproduction with Quite Revolution Pictures (Canada), with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund.

In the Tokyo IFF Competition section, 16 films were selected from among 1,829 titles, which was the largest number of entries in TIFF, from 109 countries and regions.

His Master’s Voice will be released in Hungary on 20 December by Vertigo Media.