29 May 2018

‘Blossom Valley’ premiere at Karlovy Vary

László Csuja’s debut feature, ‘Blossom Valley’ will world premiere at Karlovy Vary IFF’s East of the West Competition. The prestigious selection presents Central and Eastern European first and second film directors world and European premiers.

László Csuja is one of the Hungarian National Film Fund Incubator Program winners, who got the chance to create his first feature film with the financial and professional support of the Fund. László Csuja had graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Film and Theatre, Budapest in 2012. His short film 'Phosphorus' competed at several international film festivals like Tampere, Cork and Edinburgh. He is finishing a documentary titled ‘Nine Months War’ about the Ukrainian-Russian military conflict.

‘Blossom Valley’ is a socio-realist lovers-on-the-run movie. The main actors are amateurs with whom these events didn’t happen, but they could have happened.

Blossom Valley

‘Blossom Valley’ - Who are the real crazies in an unhinged world? An ironic, punkily brash road movie about young lovers on the run, interwoven with poetic and realistic images. Psychotic Bianka kidnaps a child and dupes the trusting Laci into thinking that it’s his. Together they form an instant family who set off in a caravan, fleeing the law and a bunch of crooks.

Bianka (20) finds herself drifting in the suburbs without any particular purpose. She has the sudden urge to steal a baby, which she does, but now she has to find a father and a home. When none of her ex-boyfriends are willing to lend a hand, the only one happy to help is Laci (21) who is mentally disabled and living in a workers’ hostel. Bianka sees this whole situation as little less than a thrilling role play, but Laci starts to love her and the baby, and will do whatever it takes to ensure a happy family life – and that is a challenge.

The lead are played by amateurs, Bianka is acted by the Hungarian Instagram celebrity Bianka Berényi, and Laci is acted by the 3-times Special Olympic Games winner, László Réti. The film was directed by László Csuja, his mentor was Ildikó Enyedi (writer-director of Berlinale Golden Bear winner and Oscar nominated ‘On Body and Soul’). ‘Blossom Valley’ script was written by László Csuja and Gergő V. Nagy, the cinematographer was Gergely Vass. The film was produced by András Muhi and Gábor Ferenczy (Focusfox) in the frame of the Incubator Program.

Blossom Valley

HNFF Incubator Program

In 2015, the Hungarian National Film Fund (HNFF) created its to help young directors create their first feature film. The main ambition of the program is to make their debuts as simple as possible: directors can apply with a treatment, and after a preselection a jury and a professional audience choose the best projects at a pitching forum.

The HNFF provides financial support amounting to a max. of EUR 70 000 for each feature documentary, EUR 200 000 for each feature film and EUR 265 000 for each animation – excluding the 25 % tax rebate.

Without a doubt, the Incubator Program is extremely attractive for young directors. Proof of that is that 67 treatments responded to the first call in 2015, a number that increased to 69 in 2016 and to 71 in 2017.