Sony Pictures Classics Aquires Ruben Brandt, Collector

Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all rights in North America and Latin America to 'Ruben Brandt, Collector' directed by Milorad Krstic.

Student Academy Award for A Siege

After 27 years a Hungarian diploma film was awarded again by the AMPAS.

Oscar-winning Son of Saul director Laszlo Nemes’ Sunset is the official Hungarian entry for the Academy Awards

The Hungarian Oscar Selection Committee announced that Hungary will enter Laszlo Nemes’ Sunset to be considered for nomination in the “Academy Awards - Best Foreign Language Film” category.

Sunset Won the Critics’ Prize in Venice

László Nemes’ ‘Sunset’ was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize at the 75th Venice International Film Festival’ Main Competition. The prize was handed out by the International Federation of Film Critics on the eve before the Mostra’s closing ceremony.

"In Search for Not The Perfect But The True Movie" - interview with Ildikó Enyedi

24 years ago, Ildikó Enyedi attended the Venice Film Festival as a film-maker who was expected to win the Golden Lion and last year she was a member of the Jury at the Lido as a renowned director. How has the festival changed and why does she consider last year's judging her most brilliant one?

"We Were Searching for The Lost Beauty" - interview with Györgyi Szakács

Györgyi Szakács is the unavoidable costume designer in the life of Hungarian and European theatre, who worked with nearly every major Hungarian filmmaker in the past 30 years. She is a permanent collaborator of István Szabó—she was nominated for an Oscar for the costume design of Szabó's 'Sunshine'—her costumes could be seen in 'Fateless', 'Magic Hunter' and 'Taking Sides', too. In 'Sunset', she wanted to present the beauty of a bygone age, which she met as a toddler in her mom's fashion salon.

"Reconstructing A World that Has Disappeared" - Interview with László Rajk

László Rajk is a well-known Hungarian public figure: an architect, an avant garde artist, a university professor - and also a production designer in films of Costa-Gavras, John Irwin, Miklós Jancsó, Tony Gatlif, Fatih Akin, Béla Tarr. He has been working with László Nemes from his very first short film until his Oscar-winning first feautere, 'Son of Saul', and he is the production designer of the Leiter Hat Store in 'Sunset'.

"All Sounds Are Equal" - Interview

In Cannes, he won Vulcan Award for the sound design of the 'Son of Saul,' even Christopher Nolan's Oscar-winning sound designer congratulated him. On the movie 'Sunset,' one of the most soughtafter Hungarian sound designer, Tamás Zányi was working with László Nemes on the sound effects to be as special as the movie's imagery.

Admission Card to the International Circle of Movie Professionals - interview with Gábor Sipos and Gábor Rajna

As the Laokoon Filmgroup produced the first feature film of Academy Award winner László Nemes, his second movie the 'Sunset' is also got produced by the company. We asked the two CEOs of the Laokoon Filmgroup, Gábor Sipos and Gábor Rajna about the difference between the two films and two stages Due to their tight schedule the interview was made via email, the producers formed and articulated their answers together.

"Every Work of Art has its Own Form" - interview with Mátyás Erdély

The most recently presented feature film on which Mátyás Erdély worked as a cinematographer won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Now he has teamed up again with the director of 'Son of Saul', László Nemes. Their second film, 'Sunset,' required a new approach, a new scope, and had to meet new expectations, but there were things that have not changed.

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